To ensure complete quality control over every installation, we custom-fabricate our ductwork in our own sheetmetal shop on a just-in-time basis for each individual project.

We even create beautiful exposed systems like this spiral ductwork, recently installed in Whole Foods.

Even after 30 years in the HVAC business, in a world where our craft is often hidden from view, it's exciting to have our work on display for all to see!
Spiral pipe can be used as an architectural design element.
Even in an industrial enviroment, the ventilation components can be beautiful. This system was designed for a local high-tech manufacturing facility.

Since every project we do is completely customized, we have extensive experience in unusual situations requiring great creativity.
Flattened oval spiral ductwork, proudly on display as part of the architectural style of the building. The beauty of spiral pipe is only matched by its durability and strength
Protemp designs systems for all types of buildings. Regardless of the type of building construction, Protemp will expertly design and install your system.
Before the ceiling is installed, the quality and art of our custom ductwork is evident.

Every section of custom sheetmetal is designed and fabricated in our own shop for each specific project, ensuring complete quality control.
Protemp controls quality in our own sheetmetal fabrication shop.
Beautiful exposed spiral ductwork. Here's an installation that shows off the beautiful spiral ductwork as a major design element.
Protemp's sheetmetal fabrication shop, where our talented craftsmen custom-create the pieces of every system we design. Protemp's sheetmetal fabrication shop.

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